Sexy Eva Angelina masturbating with curling iron

How many girls (or pornstars) do you know that have tried masturbating with a curling iron?


I know Eva Angelina was naughty, just not this kinky. Makes me wonder about object insertions.


I had to look up Eva Angelina’s notes on this shoot at FTV Girls. Here’s what she says about it:

“The curling iron, like I talked about yesterday at lunch, is something I used a lot as a toy when I was *** (edited out -ed.) years old, along with drumsticks (four at one time so they were thick enough) and any other phallic object I could find.  I liked the curling iron the most because of its size and round shape.  It was much later when I found out about real toys, and guys for that matter…”

Hot Eva Angelina deep penetration with pink vibrator

After waking up from her nap earlier, Eva Angelina is super horny and decides to get herself off with one of her vibrator toys. She likes this pink one especially because of its size – she likes really deep penetration. With the help of this vibrating toy she gets her pussy to cum in no time.


“I gave a little show and flaunted my butt and pussy to warm you up for the next big toy I’m going to use for my video. Then a straight-down hardcore blowjob to get the message straight before I get down to taking these nine inches into my pussy.”

– From her masturbating narrative at FTV Girls.

Sexy bra and panties as Eva Angelina gets ready for a nap

Just a quick post today of Eva Angelina as she strips down to her sexy bra and panties. She just has an incredible body, well worth fantasizing about.


Eva Angelina pics courtesy of FTV Girls.

Naughty Eva Angelina masturbating at public park


Naughty Eva Angelina is a very dirty girl. She’s in a public park when she pulls out her big tits and starts masturbating her horny wet pussy right under the picnic table. Nobody is around, and she gets off quickly. As for as public nudity goes, naughty Eva Angelina is extremely daring! Wish I was there.


Lots more hot babes like Eva Angelina at FTV Girls.

Eva Angelina nude flanked by two topless FTV hotties

This is back in 2005 when Eva Angelina had a fun shoot with FTV Girls. On the left is Lia 19 and on the right is Alison Angel. I’m partial to brunettes anyway to Eva Angelina wins hands down.


I do like shoots like this where it’s not three girls forced into lesbian sex acts, it’s three girls having fun (while naked) and having a good time. Smiles all around! Plus 6 soft natural titties to boot.


Of course, Eva Angelina is the guest, so the attention is all on her. She gets her nude body rubbed down with lotion by two topless FTV hotties. If only I could be so lucky! What do you think is next?

Eva Angelina masturbating with her vibrators

Eva Angelina is a very sexual girl. You have to be to become a porn star, right? Well she has no trouble getting comfortable and masturbating with her vibrators while being filmed for FTV Girls. I really like the way her curves look as she’s sitting in the first two pics. As fake tits go, Eva Angelina has a beautiful set. Definitely squeeze worthy.


If you get a chance to watch this video, you’ll notice Eva Angelina makes A LOT of noise when she’s masturbating, especially when she cums. Here’s some of her real notes after shooting this.

“We headed over to the house, and I had two of my toys standing by, things I brought over with me to the shoot.  They’re both toys I use to masturbate on a daily basis. When I got to my clear white toy, it was a tight orgasm but it just wasn’t enough.  Teasing myself like I did for so long made me want it a second time, so I finished with two orgasms.”

Eva Angelina tits popped out in public

Eva Angelina tits popped out in public! This is an early shoot when Eva was still an amateur. At this early stage in her career she tried taking the name ‘Ava’ at FTV Girls but it wasn’t long before she settled on the name ‘Eva Angelina’, supposedly as a reference to the poem Evangeline. Not a very sexy poem, by the way.


After the public nudity, Eva Angelina wrote about this shoot.

“I’m new to the whole modeling thing right now, but I’m quite comfortable with nude modeling.   Flashing my breasts out in a busy place like this isn’t a problem either. Wherever we went, I was drawing attention!  I think it was the way my breasts stick out of my short-cropped shirt.”

Eva Angelina *thinks* it was the way her breasts stuck out of her short-cropped shirt. Good guess Eva!